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Healthy, traditionally grown Organic Produce

We all are aware of the debilitating, chemically induced, carcinogenic agricultural produce swaying our markets. Their harmful effects are well known to all but due to limited access to organic products we are left with rather no choice than to consume the same. We, at “Grower’s Cart” assure best organic products for the consumers.

Cost Effective Vegetables

Produced, not procured. Thus, our profit margins are the lowest as compared to the market rates. And so, we are able to deliver goods at very nominal prices. This in-turn benefits the consumers of “Grower’s Cart”.

Ease of Access

The majestic IGNOU Campus houses nearly two hundred families (apart from non -residential staff, faculty, students and visitors). These families procure their daily need vegetables from outside the campus, thus making children, teenagers and elders, vulnerable to multifarious unsafe conditions. A vegetable kiosk by “Grower’s Cart” within the campus shall guarantee safety and ease of access to all of them. The kiosk staff shall be verified employees and responsible persons. The company would prefer to employ women staff.

Daily fresh vegetables

Our farms are located in the highly fertile lands o the banks of the pious Ganga River, at an absolute distance of 99 kms. from Delhi. As per the recent development by the Uttar Pradesh government, a 3 km. stretch on both sides of the Ganga River shall be demarcated exclusively for Organic Farming. A scenic drive of only 2 hrs. would ensure daily fresh vegetable supply to the consumers of “Grower’s Cart”.

Accurate Measurement and Billing

“Grower’s Cart” uses latest automated technology to weigh and calculate the purchase. Thus, leaving no room for any errors or mistakes. The e -bill shall be immediately received on the consumer’s mobile phone. Moreover, unlike the current system, our delivery person shall verify the correct weight of each order through a hand -held electronic weighing scale right at the doorstep. Thus, building the faith in “Grower’s Cart” stronger.

Various modes of Payment option

“Grower’s Cart” has done tie-ups with all major payment gateways. This gets the consumer rid of chaos of tender change and soiled currency notes.

App based/ Phone call Home Delivery

Extreme weather conditions in the city, nuclear families, old aged parents and many such reasons would make home delivery a pleasure to order vegetables from the “ Grower’s Cart”.

Preferred time delivery

The “Grower’s Cart” kiosk shall deliver fresh vegetables at the most convenient time to its customers. This is beneficial to working couples and home - alone children.

CCTV equipped kiosk

Keeping in view the safety and security of the consumers of “Grower’s Cart”, we shall install CCTV in the kiosk. This shall secure the area under surveillance.

Employment Generation

A single “Grower’s Cart” kiosk in the campus can generate job opportunities to a salesperson, a delivery person, a cargo driver, a sweeper/ helper, apart from the farmers in the field.Thus endowing upon them all an opportunity to lead a better life and raise their children with dignity.

Trained Staff

A well groomed, soft - spoken and courteous staff in uniform shall be employed. This shall ensure that all our consumers feel aristocratic when served by “Grower’s Cart”.

Environmental Friendly

“Grower’s Cart” strictly adheres to the policy of, ‘Say NO to Plastic’. In this effort we shall provide all our products only in paper or cloth bags which are provided free of cost.

Bulk supply availability

“Grower’s Cart” will be able to receive prior bulk orders in case of parties and functions in the campus.

Boost to Start-ups

As an Alumni Start - up, “Grower’s Cart” would boost other start - ups of the IGNOU student’s community which is the gist of the NCIDE program. This would reveal the help and support which is much required and expected by the budding entrepreneurs.