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We initiated our passion for agriculture in the year2019 during pandemic. For the first time we sowed seeds on our farm. We nourished them with utmost care and love. Our mentor, Sh. S.K.Yadav Ji, H.O.D, Department of Agriculture, IGNOU , who firmly advocates the use of traditional Indian agricultural methods of farming paid many visits to our farm. Various workshops were also conducted which included our program batchmates and neighbour farmers.

The gestation period was given its due course of time for healthy ripening.

And finally, we were able to produce a variety of vegetables such as carrots, radish, potatoes, tomatoes, french-beans, chilies, peas, beetroot, cauliflowers, cabbage, broccoli, brinjal, onion, bellpeppers, spinach, coriander, lettuce, fenugreek, mustard, garlic, ginger many more. Orchards of mango, peach, pear, plum, jackfruit, guava, oranges, sweet lime, amla, banana, mulberry fruit, jamun, papaya, litchi, cheeku, kinnu,